Once upon a fantasy dream I sat and pondered about the mystique of life

As I sat and pondered,

A strange sense of a feeling which I can’t describe settled like a delicate butterfly

On my wingless soul.

What was to make a man happy I wondered?

If not fame and money then, good health?

Oh Alas! My dear wingless soul, people will spare a dime

To buy a pretty new dress than to spend it on the physician.


I continued my quest to find the answer,

I moved from truffle to truffle and slid down the rainbow,

Till I reached the end!


Then I realized that there is not pot of gold at the other side!

The seven evanescent colors draping the gloomy, weeping sky

Deceiving the one who follows it,

Only to find life same as it was.


At this I found another truth,

That joy and sadness evaporate and condense back to hit you again.

Lo! Then why be sad? Why be happy?

Are these emotions stranger than we experience?

I see him taking those pills again,

His lover is getting married today to the one she loves,

Is her happiness equal to his sadness?

If so then what conclusion must we come to?


I fear I have raised too many doubts already,

I shall not continue but I will say one thing

Life is a precious thing! It is a God-given thing!

If I say ‘always be happy’ I am contradicting myself,

I shall only say, ‘Be content’,

Then happiness and sadness will measure itself accordingly.

I took flight away from my truffle,

For my soul finally found its wings at last!


P.S: Found this written on the back of my work copy which I used while I was doing a night shift in pediatric rotation a few months back. I have never written a poem. This is my first one. My apologies if you get confused in between. I just wrote it to stay awake for the rest of the shift, while I had some free time and to keep my brain functioning. Cheers!


8 thoughts on “Once upon a fantasy dream

  1. Lovely poem and I like the line seven evanescent colors draping the gloomy, weeping sky. Just needs a bit of shuffling of the lines for the flow and message to be highlighted.
    True joy and sadness evaporate and hit us again. Good point.
    I gather you are an intern? Your about page seemed yet to be filled.
    Glad to meet you. I go by the name of jia here.


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