I was soaring through the sky

Feeling the wind in my eye

Hitting me like the sadness when my mother said goodbye

I loved her, I cherished her

Her smile and her warmth which I shall feel no more.


Soaring up above the clouds

I looked down

Seeing the struggle of mankind

Anguish and despair encompassing this deep blue world

And in one corner there lies my misery.


Loosing her was hard,

Feeling her absence was harder.

She was the fixer of it all!

Even when I was shattered to a million tiny fragments;

She pulled me together.


My heart overflowed with regret and despair

“Clean your room!”, I’ll never hear?

I’ll miss your smile, I’ll miss your warmth

Is this a nightmare?

Enough of this slumber!


Lo! I kept flying

My wings were hurting and my heart aching

All of a sudden a spark lit up my soul,

I felt lighter and I soared higher!

A certain sense of happiness came over me.


My wings became stronger,

I saw what I needed to do

“Pray and act”,

Her wise words I remembered

About time I made her proud.


Thank you for your prayers,

For they shall carry me higher.

In my troughs I’ll remember never to give up,

And in my crests I’ll stay¬†humble;

You are forever in my heart.




Hello everyone! I just felt like writing something today and so I did. The poem is actually dedicated to my aunt who was a very important figure in my life. Kindly pardon any mistakes. Thank you for reading it. Cheers!


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