Let’s exaggerate everything ,

Let’s worry like this is your last day on earth,

Let’s breathe faster and come on heart! Beat faster!

Let my stomach crunch and my mind?

Ha! It’s like jello.


An electric wave passes through my body,

I can feel the path its traversing;

Only to leave me paralyzed!

How controlling can the mind be?

Boy, I know!


Oh Fear? Fear is her best friend

The one that grapples you

One by one your senses go numb

You turn deaf to all those saintly advises,

Until you are convinced that you’re mad


It’s as if you’ve become non-existent

A non-tangible entity floating in mid-air,

You feel the whole world is looking at you

“Girl you ain’t up to par”

With those perfect lot up there!



I want my tornadoes to be a gentle breeze,

I want my magma to cool down and be a solid rock!

I want my tsunami to be a soft ripple,

And I want..well I want to not care!


This is indeed poorly written , I am aware. But, all I could get out of my mind were words

and only words. Having even the slightest bit of anxiety is a horrible thing. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone!

God bless you dear reader.

Goodnight 🙂 (From where I live) 😉





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